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Juliette Recamier

Jacques Louis David

Juliette Recamier - Jacques Louis David -

Title:Juliette Recamier
Painted by:Jacques Louis David
Dimensions:88.19 inch wide x 68.50 inch high

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Hello from Paris! Just though you might like to know that there’s a new hotel opening in Paris called La Belle Juliette, in honour of the extraordinary Juliette Récamier. Even though I work for the hotel, I have to say objectively that it really is beautiful. There are unusual objects and original etchings of Juliette on the walls of the various rooms, and even a library of antique books available for everyone to read. Each room illustrates a moment of Juliette’s life, and through them I’ve learned about Mme de Stael, her greatest friend, and Chateaubriand, her greatest love. One floor is based around the time Juliette spent in Italy, and the top floor - called ‘les causeries’ - evokes her literary salons that doubled as a source of news and gossip for Parisian society. The hotel is in the Saint Germain area of Paris, known for its links with great literary figures, and it opens on 15th January 2011. The website has some great images of both Juliette and the hotel. Here’s the link. Hope you’ll like it:
Posted by Camille on 29.December 2010, 03:46

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